Arthur Murray Royal Oak

Project Description

CHALLENGE:  In 2010, an Arthur Murray Dance studio was struggling with visibility, membership enrollment and overall strategic vision.

APPROACH:  We identified three obstacles leading to low enrollment and flat sales: Low visibility of the studio; an editorial voice that was intimidating to the everyday person; and virtually no working website which limited the line of communication to their target market.

RESULT: The studio relocated to prime, high-visibility real estate. Between 2013 and 2016, they realized 45% growth and continue to see an upward trend. With a new website, SEO strategies and PPC campaigns, internet traffic grew and MII transformed their messaging from intimidating to intriguing.

Most importantly, their target market continues to respond: Arthur Murray Royal Oak students are making a lifetime commitment to dancing and think of the studio as a second home.

MAINTENANCE: Make It Iconic continues to manage ongoing campaigns; keeping their messaging, social media and website content fresh and engaging. As industry and communications tactics evolve, MII is constantly pursuing innovative tactics to drive traffic and interest in ballroom dancing.

MII Roles:

Strategic Consulting
Digital Marketing
Content Development
Social Media
Website Design
Project Management

Project Details