Proven 4 Sports Supplements

Project Description

CHALLENGE: Proven4 Sports Supplements had a mission to champion professional and dedicated athletes with NSF-certified, energy products that were Safe for Sport. Their brand lacked awareness, communication tools and an engaging editorial voice to communicate their messaging. MII also exposed low open and click-through rates due to outdated distribution lists.

APPROACH: A business analysis led MII to strategically narrow product lines to the most appealing, marketable products to their target – the NSF-certified products. MII branded P4 with new packaging, website, b-to-b sales materials and advertisements; they also created an editorial voice with authentic, relatable content about health & fitness.

RESULT: Over a two-year period, MII established traction with a number of initiatives. While ongoing e-marketing activities increased brand awareness, MII helped P4 achieve premium distribution for e-communications. Athlete sponsorships helped build brand credibility across social platforms, and could benefit from a market-saturating media buy to produce powerful ROI for traditional tactics. P4 continues to build on their solid reputation in professional baseball and has increased their foothold in other pro sports including basketball and hockey.
With MII’s help, P4 has seen a substantial increase in customer base with a 30% increase in website subscriptions and a 36% increase in overall sales.

The digital marketing programs MII deployed lead to significant performance enhancements, and with continued focus, P4 is poised for growth in the safe-for-sport supplement industry.

MII Roles:

Strategic Consulting
Brand Development/Design
Digital Marketing
Content Development
Social Media
Project Management

Project Details